“Western Sydney Sevens is easily the toughest tournament outside the Sydney Sevens and the Sevens World Series.

The quality of teams that are queuing up to get a shot at the title speaks volumes about the “prestige” of the competition. It’s an exciting, fast paced, rugby event that is great fun for the whole family!”

Mollie Gray

Mollie Gray is a soldier in the Australian Army, Afghanistan Veteran and former Australian rugby union player turned FOX SPORTS panelist, sports commentator, MC and President of the Classic Wallaroos.

Mollie joined the Army when she was 18 years old and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. After returning home from deployment Mollie was diagnosed with PTSD. But it’s not the type of PTSD you think would be associated with Afghansitan. Mollie was actually diagnosed due to severe bullying.

After her deployment Mollie channeled her energy into rugby union and was selected for the Wallaroos and made her debut at the Tri-Nation series in New Zealand in 2014. She attended her first World Cup the same year. During the World cup she suffered from a big knee injury that would end up being the first of three.

Mollie represented the Wallaroos from 2014-2017 and was known for her strength into contact and bolstering runs on the rugby field. At the beginning of 2017 Mollie suffered a horrific knee injury that looked to exclude her from the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup in Ireland but with sheer grit and determination she made a miraculous recovery and was at her second World Cup 5 months later.

After returning home from Ireland Mollie found out that she had ruptured her ACL again which resulted in a third surgery and forced her into early retirement from rugby. Things took quite a turn after the surgery and Mollie found herself in a very bad mental state for quite a long time.

These days Mollie has turned her passions from the field to the media. She is a huge advocate for women’s sport and has recently launched a podcast called Boss Women Project, which tells stories of inspiring female athletes and shares their journeys from the bottom to the top of their sport.

Mollie is also a passionate advocate for PTSD, mental health and resilience projects where she helps to break down the barriers and provide awareness.

Mollie Gray