One of the most prestigious and fiercely contested invitational tournaments in the world the Western Sydney Sevens ‘Diggers Cup’ tournament is an exclusive 12 team format featuring some of the strongest sevens competition outside of the world-series.

The tournament is open to premier domestic, international; club and invitational level teams with nomination via both Invitation and Expression of Interest. The WS7s is the fastest filling tournament in Australia receiving unprecedented interest annually. The Western Sydney Sevens is regarded as one of the toughest tournaments in the world to win, due to the high standard of competition featured at the tournament.

The Western Sydney Sevens is utilised as a talent identification platform, viewed intently by a variety of domestic and international talent scouts and high performance units.

The tournament structure is twelve (12) team format, featuring three (3) pools of four (4) teams.

Day one (1) of the tournament features pool play rounds with results of pool play determining the final rankings leading into the day two (2) final series.

The main Diggers Cup Division offers the prestige of being crowned the Western Sydney Sevens Tournament Champion, winning the prestigious Diggers Cup along with $5,000AUD prize money for the Diggers Cup Champion..

The tournament continues to feature some of the very best sevens players and teams in the world reflective of the tournaments reputation of prestige.